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Buttons was founded as a result of the opportunities unveiled from the digital audio evolution of the eighties. The production world was analog and the technology of digital was new and undiscovered. Rich , the founder of Buttons, embraced this new technology and brought his digital passion from Tampa Florida to New York City in 1985. His brother, Alex had invested in a $100,000 synclavier and partnered with Rich and Chris Hyams-Hart, to take the first Synclavier into Sound One to produce sound for major motion pictures, like “Maximum Overdrive” with Stephen King, and “Peggy Sue Got Married”, with Francis Coppola. Hell-HighA few years peggy-sue-got-marriedRich and Chris then went on to compose the musical score for Hemdale Films, “Hell High”. Later Alex invested in the Spectral Synthesis franchise, and Alex represented Tampa, and Rich represented the Northeast as the East coast digital audio specialist representing the Spectral Synthesis’ Audio Engine, the first 16 track digital multitrack. The Spectral system was bought by Euphonix and is the heart of the R1 and the leading film mixing console in the world, the Euphonix C5 Film Mixing console, now owned by Avid.

After a couple years working for other audio post houses and realizing their lack of digital audio vision, Buttons Sound Engineering was established in 1988. Over the next 7 years, Buttons sublet space at 4 locations leading to its first solely leased space at 2 west 45th st, in 1995. During the years up to it’s present location, Buttons established a business foundation providing customers high quality audio designs, delivering high quality services, in unheard-of delivery times at aggressive budgets. Work examples include large demanding projects like, all sound components for the Sony Wonder Museum, an 83 spot campaign for Calvin Klein Eternity, a 3-phase, 176 spot campaign for USA Network Cartoon Express, an 11 show series, “U to U” for Nickelodeon, and the last Bugs Bunny Cartoon Warner Brothers NY Animation produced named “Invasion of the Bunny Snatchers”, which was a part of the DVD release of “Space Jam” with Michael Jordan.

maximum-overdriveButtons customers were attracted to Rich’s innovative and practical uses of digital audio technology that provided them with great sound, high volume delivery, and rapid production at aggressive budgets. They recieved great service for a great price, by accepting Rich’s digital audio innovation.

PokemonUpon establishing it’s present location of the past 17 years, Buttons has enjoyed being close to its larger competitors, as well as close to top agencies, and TV producers in Midtown Manhattan. 1995-1998 marked rapid growth and lead to it’s largest project, launching the hit series Pokemon, delivering 52 episodes in 6 months, notably 20 shows in one of those months. Rich supervised and designed the production team using the first hard disk video player, the VMOD100, allowing random access video access with our DAW radom audio access. Rich organized a team of 4, rotating 36 removable hard drives, and lead the production company directorial team as well as the executive team of 4kids Entertainment, due to the newness of the anime world, the high demanding volume of work, with the unheard-of delivery time table.

Buttons continued to break unfounded ground in the audio post industry, and continues to attract customers of Film, Advertising, Television, Corporate, and Editorial industries.

Buttons continued it’s pioneering passion that lead to the installation of it’s surround suite in 1999. Rich had the room installed with Meyer HD1 surround system and tuned by Bob Hodas, who tunes Lucas Film and Zoetrope Studios in California. Buttons was the first small mix suite in NYC to mix for the theatre, mixing indie films for all the major festival internationally.

Buttons believes that the customer wants a cinematic experience, and continues to establish cinematic techniques established by the Hollywood Film community in it’s every day service offerings. Buttons believes in a combined creative and technical editorial process, utilizing each and every digital option available within seconds for it’s customers experience. We use a spirit of discovery that is focused on the strategic goals of the entertainment or campaign with an effective entertainment-information balance in its audio designs.

After years of working with great directors, in 2007 buttons accepted opportunities to expand into picture editorial services for television post. And as a regular overflow facility of City Lights Media, buttons went on to post supervise shows like , a 16 show series for BET, “The Iron Ring”, And a 10 show series for the Playboy Network, named “Off Bowery”. We use Final Cut Pro systems connected to Unity dual fibre channel and gigabit networks. Our finishing systems are a 196 track Protools 5.1 surround suite, as well as a Quantel Color Grading, online digital intermediary system.

Buttons focus has always been to provide customers a better digital editorial experience, providing cost effective and editorial benefits to clients to work faster, saving clients time and money. Buttons has always believed that if Buttons did not give the benefit, a competitor would. As a result, Buttons has been the first to deploy many offerings that are standard today. Buttons has avoided the threats of it’s competitor’s strict business model of billable line items, and has enjoyed a family-type, value-added post production approach combining hourly services with creative fee services, including set project rates. Buttons has focused on building long term loyal customer relationships, in a collaborative partnering approach as a member of our client’s creative team. Customers find working at Buttons a positive and rewarding experience. They enjoy a down-home, comfortable, and artistic experience of many amenities and considerations, while their project reaches qualities beyond their expectations.

Buttons provides high quality services equal and better than its largest competitors, and out performs its smaller competitors with the experience, passion and courage to go where they not dare, with investments in technologies, talent, and continued dedication to the craft of digital post design, paralleled to the highest standards of Hollywood.