Radio Spot Creative, Talent Casting, and Production

  • - From Concept To Finish
  • - Script writing. . .
  • - Experienced Professionals
    Jeremy Goldsmith
    JoBe Cerny
    Rich Macar
  • - Award Winning

Jeremy Goldsmith Producer Demo
JoBe Cerny Writing Demo

The Secret of Buttons Radio

Audio is easy. Because the mind can “see” the world you create with sound. All it takes is the right sound to set the location, background and atmosphere. The right voice and reading to give it the understanding, intelligence, emotion, comic timing, whatever it needs. Plus the right music to set the mood, sell the message. A few tweaks here, a few nuances there. That’s all it takes. That, and just one other little thing.


Awarded Spots

 ONSTAR Insulin Mercury winner
ONSTAR Pregnant Mercury winner
Tollway- Pollie winner Starkist-Windy Winner
Time Warner-Crystal Award Tuaca Creative Alliance Crystal Winner
Ameritech-Windy Award Follet Bookstore Kafka Windy Award

Celebrity Spots

Julia Murney Estee Lauder Blythe Danner Tiffany
Jennifer Aniston-Smart Water 50 Cent Vitamin Water
Kelly Clarkson – Vitamin Water Shaq -Vitamin Water

Sound Design Spots

Snausages “Cabinet” Hot Tamales “Flavor”
Hot Tamales “Snowboarder” Hot Tamales “Translation”
Tetley Tea “Beach” Rinnai Water Heaters

Political Spots

Kerry-Edwards PA Rob Blagojevich
Mayor Bloomberg Al Sharpton “Amendment”
Healthcare Act Jay Rockefeller

Long Term Campaigns

Estee Lauder “Flawless” Estee Lauder “Serums”
Liberty Travel-Honeymoon Liberty Travel-Couples Resorts
ShopRite “Can Can” ShopRite Pharmacy