So you think you are a digital warrior? Well, we certainly are looking all the time for other digital warriors like us.
The primary traits of we digital warriors include the following:

Digital Warrior
[dij-i-tl] [wawr-ee-er, wawr-yer, wor-ee-er, wor-yer]

1. A technician of Sound and/or Picture who loves exploring the endless opportunities to use digital technologies to further the post production industry sound & picture crafts to new creative achievements in sound & picture quality, speed, and cost.

2. The essence of a Digital Warrior is their driven spirit to solve post production puzzles with dedication, exploration, experimentation, and development of new digital qualities, processes, and workflows, delivering higher qualities at a faster pace, resulting in lowering costs.

3. Digital Warrior disciplines include sound recording, editing, design, ADR, rerecording mixing, music composing, Visual Effects, Animation, Picture editing, Color Grading, Compositing, and Online Editing.

4. Digital Warriors simply love what they do and love making happy customers.

So if you think you have the experience, passion and dedication to be a digital warrior, and you believe you are a good fit for the Buttons NY team, please fill out this application, and we look forward to meeting you soon!

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