Jim Dale, records voiceover at ButtonsNY

July 21, 2016

Jim Dale from the Harry Potter audiobooks, records voiceover at ButtonsNY

May0061549. Jim Dale for DT Arts. Picture shows UK actor Jim Dale, picture to illustrate a Jasper Rees interview. Picture date 08/04/2015

Jim Dale stopped by our studios to record voiceover for the book ‘The Sweet Adventures of Henry P. Twist.7040_912948272081401_4241258901394958417_n

The book is about a for Forty-five years master pastry chef, Henry Peppermint Twist worked for one of the world’slargest factories, Brackmeyer Sweets, in Apfeldorf Germany. But things quickly turned sour Henry and nearly four thousand workers as the aged and frail founder retires, leaving his evil and greedy son, Charles B. Brackmeyer Jr., to become the new president. Brackmeyer, whose goal it is to get rid of the dead weight – by which he means “old” people – and replace them with machines.



JamesJimDale, is an English actor, voice artist, and singer-songwriter. In the United Kingdom, he is best known for his many appearances in the Carry On series of films. In the United States, he is most recognized for narrating the Harry Potter audiobook series (for which he received two Grammy Awards) and the ABC series Pushing Daisies (2007-2009); he also had a prominent role in the Disneyfilm Pete’s Dragon (1977).  Wikipedia















Pictured: Jim Dale and Rich Macar.











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