The Global Seed Vault: CONTENT

These 4 videos were created to promote the Scribner Publishing Novel, “The Explorers Code”, by Kitty Pilgrim. Kitty approached Rich to help develop this digital content, and Rich proposed to create a cinematic experience. Kitty had already chosen and arranged to visit the international sites, with a photographer. buttons developed a workflow, and suggested formats for pictures and video files that would produce an HD cinematic experience, even though the media was to be compressed for internet distribution.

As footage arrived at Buttons, string outs and stills were organized considering a rou story board concept, so that upon Kitty’s return our editor, Paul Levin, could proceed at a creative level. Rich did music searches and collaborate with Kitty and her script, as well as consulted with Kitty about her Opening interview segments. Kitty’s vast experience from CNN, combined with Buttons’ entertainment experience proved a magical creative combination to deliver informative, truthful content in an entertaining way.

This content also served Kitty as an EPK that preceeded her locations during her book media tour, and full rights for broadcast were acquired so these pieces can be repurposed and used as needed. 

…a buttons walk and talk:

While producing the Seed Vault video, a problem arose from the fact that Kitty could not arrange an on camera interview with the director of the Seed Vault… Rich suggested we record the interview over our full quality ISDN lines from sweden, so we could intercut stills as he speaks in the piece, giving the illusion that Kitty actually intviewed him… The VO script was written in a way that simulated a dialogue with the founder…The results are for you to judge…enjoy!