BET The Iron Ring: Post for 10 show series

The Iron Ring featured Hip Hop stars TI Grand Hustle Click, Dipset, Lil Jon, Floyd Mayweather, Nelly, and Ludicris. Buttons handled all the editorial and finishing Post Production for this series.  We were approached by the production company to rescue the editorial explorations of another editorial house that could not achieve network approval for the first 2 one-hour esisodes for Air. Buttons proposed a plan to team up with members of it’s exclusive editorial story producers that have aclaimed credits like Miami Ink. The editorial team was expanded into 3 editors, with assistants, a media manager, and 2 story editors. Buttons plan was to present two new 1 hour edits to network within 6 weeks. Buttons spent the first 2 weeks logging, and transcribing the nearly 300 hours of footage to give the story team a headstart. Then the team rough cut to present to BET a new story arch to support the production company’s vision. BET was so thrilled with the results that they decided to expand the series from 5 1 hour shows, to 10 1/2 hours shows. Buttons went on to expand it’s technical abilities adding a dual fibre network with 3 FCP systems on central storage as well as 3 sub screening and media stations for reviewing, and media management. Buttons delivered on time and on budget this exciting series with many hiphop stars.