WC Diagonal Thrust Kick: CONTENT (250 videos)

Buttons was approached by Crooked Creative,LLC to produce an educational Iphone App that would teach the Wing Chun Martial Art. Crooked Creative secured a direct decendant of the Wing Chun Master in Hong Kong, as well as the only 1 of 9 decendent masters that resides in NYC, Sifu. We accepted the challenge and began to research shooting on green screen the many moves, and forms, as well as the idea of shooting motion capture of the martial art to then be animated.  Rich proposed both options with his special wooden dummy idea, and Dogstar loved the idea and green lit both green screen and motion capture. Green Screen was recorded at American Movie Company, technical directed by Bill Milling, and the motion capture was recorded and edited at The Studio.

Buttons has since completed 4 volumes of over 250 videos teaching the Wing Chun Martial Art on Iphones, Ipads, as well as Droid mobile devices.
It remains to date the only complete volume set of videos that are the authentic Wing Chun Master Series, endorsed by direct decendents from China…