WC Coordinated Campaign: CONTENT (250 videos)



Wing Chun originated in China over 100 years ago. Today, there are just nine descendants of the original Chinese Master. And only one – Sifu – in the United States.  But it has inspired hundreds of martial arts professionals – among them, Bruce Lee and Robert Downey Jr.

In 2010, two companies – Crooked Creative, LLC  and Dogstar LLC – came up with the idea of creating a multi-video course in Wing Chun as an iPhone App.  They selected Buttons to handle its production and roll-out.

The Buttons Advantage

Buttons brought a multi-disciplinary team to participate in planning and coordination of all phases of a project – to maximize efficiency and impact – and minimize cost.  For this project, we reached out for help in choosing a media budget and schedule, as well as research to find the largest concentration of Wing Chun practitioners, and Chinese speaking patrons.

The iPhone/iPad Apps

Buttons began by proposing a script, concepts and shooting schedule – which the client approved immediately.  Rich Macar researched the two most effective ways of shooting the moves of Wing Chun for the iPhone format – Green Screen and Motion Capture.  He also created a new idea to simplify the visual complexity of shooting the traditional Wing Chun Wooden Dummy –  using an Invisible-Wooden-Dummy.  Green-Screen was recorded at American Movie Company with technical direction by Bill Milling. Motion capture was recorded and edited at The Studio.  Audio Post was at Buttons with English and Chinese versions.

The Trailer

During early production, Dogstar saw an opportunity to promote the App with a motion picture Trailer to run in theaters before the feature film, “The Karate Kid”.  Facing a tight schedule, we were able to produce a quick turn-around.  Acting as Writer/Producer, Rich Macar also handled Casting, Music Search, Sound Design, Recording and Mix,with Paul Levin handling Video Editing and After Effects.  Translations were done by Dogstar.  The trailer was delivered to over 50 theaters in NYC and San Francisco as part of the grand opening of the movie, “The Karate Kid”.

The Success

To date, Buttons has completed four volumes of over 250 videos teaching Wing Chun on iPhones and iPads as well as Droid mobile devices. It remains the only complete set of videos that are the authentic Wing Chun Master Series, endorsed by direct descendants from China.

Take a look.