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Siempre Mujer is a leading Spanish-language beauty magazine – property of Meredith Corporation – in the fast-growing U.S. market.  The client approached us with a complex assignment:

1. Produce a marketing video to target U.S. companies in the beauty industry.
2. Reflect the importance, quality, status and appeal of the magazine.
3. Adhere to a tight budget and timing constraints.

Our proposal included storyboards, shooting locations in HD, and production within budget and on schedule – plus the flexibility to use all the content for additional projects in the future.  It inspired the client to expand the video to become its main marketing tool worldwide.

The Keys:

The Right Producer.

To showcase the magazine’s deep understanding of its complex hispanic market, we brought in an experienced pro.  Producer Giovanna Aguilar’s deft scouting – and sensitivity to this market’s varied cultures and demographics – brought us the “right choices.” In addition to interviews with several experts and the magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, she cast four young women who demonstrated a diverse community with a common dedication to beauty.

Our Flexible Padauk Suite.

Because our Green-Screen shooting stage is also a VO recording room, we are able to super-impose a variety of backgrounds, large or small, and create a natural sound to match it. This allows us complete control of the interview environment – a high-quality look and sound – with quick-turn-around, efficiency and economy built in.

Buttons Dedication.

Our team was able to optimize our technology to deliver a video with the kind of big-studio polish and quality our client richly deserved. And it paid off – as the first video in the client’s history to successfully achieve meetings with high-level executives at top brands such as Estee Lauder.

Take a look.

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