Wing Chun Masters

August 23, 2013

Wing-Chunview video

Buttons was asked by Dogstar Productions to help solve an urgent matter. Wing Chun Masters vol 1 of 4 was scheduled for release, and to promote it’s release, Buttons was asked if we could produce a theatrical trailer to be in theaters before the feature film, Karate Kid.. They also wanted some help in chossing a media budget and schedule. Buttons proceeded to propose a concept and script, and reached out to a media company to determine that the largest concentration of Wing Chun practitioners, and chinese speaking patrins were in the New York City and San Fransisco areas. Buttons proceeded to produce the trailer, with Paul Levin editing and after effects, Rich Macar, EP and writer, a professional VO artist, usic search, sound design and mix by Rich Macar. Translations were handled by Dogstar, but talent was cast, recorded and edited by Buttons

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