How long has Rich known Kevin? - Buttons NY - Audio Post Production & Color Finishing
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How long has Rich known Kevin?

In 1987 I began producing radio parodies for syndicated radio satirist, Dave Kolin. I built a small studio booth in a tiny space in the film building at 630 Ninth Avenue, to produce these radio spots. I called the studio Itty Bitty Studio. Our work was distributed to the top market radio jocks like Rick Dees in Los Angeles, Scott Shanon in New York, and John Landers in Houston, Texas. We produced current topical parodies top hits, and I created the tracks , produced the vocals, and final mixes. By accident Michael Bacon was renting the room next door. We met, and I began recording and mixing his underscore music for documentary films seen on PBS. One day Michael asked me if I would help him with demo recordings of songs he was writing with his brother, Kevin. Kevin came in to record at ,Itty Bitty Studios’ and we have known each other ever since.

We work together recording for EE UK campaigns all the time digitally connected to Saatchi in London.

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