"Christof told us about pig bones ..." - Buttons NY - Audio Post Production & Color Finishing
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“Christof told us about pig bones …”

Buttons Records Christof Putzel for Mission Declassified on The Travel Channel

Rich was recording Christof’s Narration for a special show about finding the historical location of a 1920’s gangster. His research lead him to an occupied home, and the home owners allowed him to excavate a section in the basement… Christoff proceeded to tell us about as they dug, they actually reached some difficulty digging. As they cleared the stumbling material, they were startled with discovering an actual BONE. It looked like a human leg bone.. Christoff was freaking out of actually touching this bone… and OOO what a discovery it was… very freaky…They sent the bone out for analyzing, and a few weeks later they were told that the bone they found was that of a pig. They then went on to learn that it was a common thing for gangsters to bury their murder victims with pig bones as a way to disguise and throw off any investigation of remains… as a way to hide their crime. Whewwww!!      For more info see below

Per the bones we found in the latest #missiondeclassified The police later determined they were pig bones…also strange. Pigs were sometimes used by the mafia to dispose of bodies because they ate everything, INCLUDING bone. Hence the phrase “Never trust a man with a pig farm.”