5 day recording of Theatrical Musical, “Half the Sky”
For 5th Avenue Theatre, Seattle, WA
Recording singers and Piano Music Director
in 7 individual record rooms.


The 5th Avenue Theatre has announced that Half the Sky, a new contemporary American musical with music by Tidtaya Sinutoke and book and lyrics by Isabella Dawis, will be the first of three Musical Radio Plays produced in its 2020/21 digital season.


Half the Sky is directed by Seattle-based and Princess Grace Award winning director Desdemona Chiang. The cast features Shannon Tyo (Off-Broadway: The Chinese Lady, Kentucky) as Aurelie, 5th Avenue Theatre regular Diana Huey (The 5th: Disney’s The Little Mermaid, Rock of Ages) as Eve, Kendyl Ito (Off-Broadway: Soft Power, Wild Goose Dreams) as Dawa, Klea Blackhurst (Off-Broadway: Party Face, Bingo) as Liz, Broadway’s Christine Toy Johnson (Come From Away) as Mae, Jamen Nanthakumar (La Jolla Playhouse: Diana) as Rod, and James Seol(Broadway: A Naked Girl on the Appian Way) as Jerry.


5th Avenue Theatre chose Buttons NY to accept the 5 day challenge of recording 6 singers and a piano music director, in seperated rooms, connected to an 8 member international zoom call of the producers, directors, and composers. The high quality results elliminated the need for an additional pick up record day.

Buttons NY solved this COVID-19 challenge by rearranging it’s complete facility to allow for a safe operation. All SAG, NY State and Local safety requirements have been accommodated utilizing it’s Dante audio network and audio work station remote control, virtual engineer technology, along with using two control rooms and all edit rooms as individual record and production rooms.



Connected to an 8 member international zoom call of the producers, directors, and composers.

Buttons NY rearranged it’s facility to allow this covid safe operation, with all SAG and government safety requirements.

The Singers felt safe.

Buttons NY also arranged a socially distant hallway for safe talent breaks and lunches.

Buttons NY is blessed with a continuation of NO COVID ACTIVITY.


“It’s always exciting to watch a new musical take another step in its development,” said The 5th Avenue Theatre‘s Producing Artistic Director Bill Berry. “Though creating Half the Sky as a radio play isn’t something Tidtaya, Isabella, and the rest of the creative team probably imagined would be part of that journey, working under the guise of a pandemic has presented an unique opportunity for them to more deeply focus on the story and music. The power of imagination has become even more vital as the way we engage with storytelling has shifted in the last eight months-we’re excited for audiences to experience a new musical in this historically beloved format.”


A year after her sister’s death, Aurelie sets out to fulfill her childhood dream of climbing Mount Everest. She joins an international group of mountaineers, led by a teenage Sherpa. As Aurelie embarks on her path to the top of the world, memories of her Thai American past and the unresolved rift between herself and her sister begin to surface. Borders between countries and cultures, past and present, and waking and dreaming blur in this epic journey of ambition, survival and reconciliation. A contemporary American musical on a global scale, Half the Sky is infused with the sounds of traditional Thai and Himalayan folk music.


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