Episodes 1-52

4Kids Productions, WB


A special challenge knocked on our door. Nintendo had licensed a successful Japanese anime project to 4Kids Productions, and WB bought it with the condition of delivering 52 1/2 hour shows in 6 months. Norman Grossfeld turned to Buttons to be the ideal partner due to Buttons well known technical advanced digital work flows. Not only did Buttons deliver all dubbing, adapting, editing and mixing in record time, but 20 shows were recorded with incorrect, unapproved pronunciations, which challenges Buttons to develop a work flow that allowed 20 shows to be revised in one month without delaying the initial delivery schedule. Rich called his first daughter Pickachu long before anyone knew who Pickachu was. Many of the original Pokémon sounds were created at Buttons.




Sound supervisor : Rich Macar

Sound Recordist: Paul Levin

Re-recording mixer: Rich Macar

Editor: Frank Gencorelli

Media Manager: Keith Conor

Music : John Loeffler