Project: The Iron Ring 10 30 min. Episode Reality TV Series

Client: Zilo Productions, BET


From a previous post finishing relationship, Zilo reached out to Buttons with a large issue. Zilo partnered with BET to produce an exciting mixed martial arts TV series that included the top Hip Hop Artists, like Ludicrous, Neeyo, as well as Floyd Maywether himself.

The series post production was failing network approval, and Zilo felt confident Buttons could solve the issue. Rich put together a story team from Miami Ink, brought on NYU interns to log and transcribe 200 hours of footage, hired editors, and within 8 weeks presented 2, 1 hour concepts with a cold open that thrilled BET so much that BET converted a 5 1-hr series into a 10 30-minute series. Buttons went on to produce this series, and Zilo brought their second series to Buttons as well for full post production of story, editorial, and sound/color finishing. Here’s the cold open… enjoy.



Story Producing: ButtonsNY

Editorial: ButtonsNY

Sound: Rich Macar

Color: ButtonsNY