Project: The Minefield Girl Audio Book

Client: Sofia Eck, Spotify, Audible


This is a 7.5 hr audiobook written by Sofia Eck, narrated by Camilla Belle. The story is about Sofia’s time as a journalist who became involved with the Libyan leader, Muammar Mohammed Abu Minyar Gaddafi and his family prior to his overthrow and death. Rich presented a concept and won the project from a demonstration of a sound design concept of sound memories of the story. These designs would be selective designs that represent sound triggers that support the Sophia’s experience. The sound design was delivered in a new Virtual 4D 360 sound format called Visisonics. This format has never been used before and allows for a complete 360, 4D global sound image space. Rich anchored the designs with Camilla’s narration, positioned the music down and stereo, while the designs were placed all around the 360 space. The project also was the first audiobook to be distributed with custom commissioned digital art that supported Spotify’s new streaming audio visual format. The audiobook is also remastered and distributed on Audible. The premier was in New York that included a star studded red carpet of supporters including John Legend, Nick Jonas, Diane Von Furstenberg, and many more. The project took 5 months to produce for Rich and Sofia, working virtually.



Author: Sofia Eck

Narration: Camilla Belle

4D Sound Design: Rich Macar